Age Of Arcade



This album is under construction. There are many issues recovering some of the files from the original piece.

01. Age Of Arcade
02. Nerves (with Bigsugz)
03. Eat It Up
04. Dressed To Kill
05. Satellite
06. Game Over
07. I’m Electric
08. Joyschtick
09. Prankers
10. Leftover Technology
11. Hot Hot Hollywood
12. Ghettoblasta (ft. Tragic)
13. Napoleon Complex
14. Star City
15. Neon


released March 1, 2009

all songs composed & produced by Cody "Vondell" Beasley. copyright 2009.

artwork designed by Cody "Vondell" Beasley. copyright 2013



CBZL Atlanta, Georgia

CBZL is the musical alias of Atlanta-based graphic artist Cody Vondell. With two independent national tours, several music videos, and over ten free records released since 2006, Cody has blended genres and aesthetics to create a staple sound and visual brand. ... more

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