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released May 7, 2012

all songs composed & produced by Cody "Vondell" Beasley. copyright 2012.

artwork designed by Cody "Vondell" Beasley. copyright 2013



all rights reserved


CBZL Atlanta, Georgia

CBZL is the musical alias of Atlanta-based graphic artist Cody Vondell. With two independent national tours, several music videos, and over ten free records released since 2006, Cody has blended genres and aesthetics to create a staple sound and visual brand. ... more

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Track Name: Yellow Bricks End
There's nothing wrong with running
If its all that you can do
Its been a long time coming
Time is over due

You can only chase the stars for so far,
They're too large.
You can only chase the sun for so long,
You're so wrong.

This is where the yellow bricks end
Track Name: Like I Knew You Would
There was a time when I knew you well, when we were eye to eye
I couldn’t help myself,
I don’t know.
You’re just a face in a crowd at a show, and it’s a long way down,
But I’m ready to go,
Then she said, baby boy I just don’t know,
So I told her, baby girl then we’ll take it slow.
There was a time when we felt for sure,
and I can show you mine if you can show me yours,
Give me more.
We’ll plant a seed just watch it grow, how will we ever shine,
If we can’t even glow?
Then she said, baby boy I just don’t know,
So I told her, baby girl then we’ll take it slow.

Then she did it just like I knew she would.
You do it just like I knew you would.

You could join me, backs to the wall, we could settle our business
Do it once and for all,
So come on.
Hard to believe I could do it on my own?
I’m hoping there’s someone on the other side of the phone.
Then she said, baby boy I just don’t know,
So I told her, baby girl then we’ll take it slow.
Hard to believe there was a time it was fun?
I simply took it as a slip of the tongue,
Just don’t stop.
She’s red hot, and I’m green as in go, so we could sink or swim,
Or just go with the flow.
Then she said, baby boy I just don’t know.
So I told her, baby girl then we’ll take it slow.

Then she did it just like I knew she would.
You do it just like I knew you would.

Give me more, Give me more, Give me more.
Track Name: Horizons
We can turn the world upside down,
We can walk right through the clouds.
So take your mask off, show your face,
Don't be afraid we can breathe in space.

And the world is only getting smaller.
Track Name: Comeback Boy
I kinda like the way that you can see right through me, i
Run my mouth on a microphone but don’t you sue me,
You drew me, the prettiest picture that I ever held, then I
Crumbled it up because I got respect for myself, and
I got love for the game, even though it’s not the same
If you’ve got hate on my name then you’re just scared of the change
So now I gotta get back to the future, so sick of wasting time,
I gotta get that sick producer because the kid lost his mind
I pierce beneath the skin while they just scratch the surface,
You won’t forget me even though I’m not your first and
I’m surely not the last at passing you around,
With some help from my friends I’ll get my feet off the ground
I gotta beat so sweet that it’s rotten your teeth
They tried to touch on my swagga, that’s why there’s blood on the sheets
I’ve gotta buzz like the bagger, one shot is all that I need
I see your head in the clouds, I’ll put you back on your feet
We’ll come back down to the earth, the dirt, the glitch, and the grime
My reputation is infamous just like organized crime
Why are you building me up just to watch me take the fall?
I dance to robot rock, but I’m human after all.
Track Name: Sunglasses
So when you do the things you do i don't know how to handle you,
and every single word you say it's evident the way you play.
don't blame me for the way i feel, it's like i'm drunk behind the wheel,
these girls keep messing with my head, that's not a single word she said.

i could just whipser in your ear, everything that you'd like to hear
but i'd play it hard to get, it works, and you don't get your feelings hurt.
and i don't even waste my time unless she's running through my mind,
the way you do it every night.

sunglasses hide the way you are,
you played me well, but did i get you that far?
you never wanted to be anything but a superstar,
out late at all the bars,
fine wine and low ride cars,
that's the just way it goes, hey.
Track Name: Every Night Is A Good Night
All my friends want to sing along,
Some are right here, and some are long gone,
But you know that every night is a good night,
With you, every night is a good night

nah nah nah nah
Track Name: The Renegades
This street's just waste beneath my feet
this city is a cemetery
we never fit in to this dead,
another day of the ordinary
the bright side on the contrary,
we're all fine and we're feeling scary
and now they're fed up, try to step up
and they're just pushing the envelope

oh no, we've never been alone before
on our own, our feet have never touched the floor
all our lives, we've been thinking with our heads in the clouds
now we've no where to go except down down down

these wings flew over everything
i've seen it all from a million miles away
we never the cut, never faded out
and now we lay here wide awake
we think about it every day,
we can't go back but we can't stay
and they're fed up, we keep our mouths shut
and we're finished pushing the envelope

hey you i see you dig in the past
the way you're looking for something
that obviously could not last
you left me here just to rot in the sand
you should have killed me when you had the chance

so we've goodbye or just blow me a kiss
see we don't do it like that, no we do it like this
now feel the dirt under your finger tips
so that you know this is real and that's as good as it gets
Track Name: Me & My Machines
Now that the tables have turned
Everyone is turning tables
Trading in guitars for the latest updates in Ableton
you're looking irate, ladies hips are gyrating,
every single world i say i see you're getting aggravated
smacking up you bitches, you could call it the prodigy
update my network status and your girlfriend follows me
we'd never known that a mindless kid like me
would glitch out and grow up into a machine
so you can hook me up just like a Massive oscillator
Hello, i'm your operator, see me waving at the haters saying
"Hi! I'm that guy you beat up in junior high,
but now you want to give me five"
Back then playing a keyboard, it was a thin line
To walk on, but now I'm doing just fine
so if I shrug it off it's just not worth the hassle,
I was down with techno ten years ago, asshole
Track Name: Spaceman Syndrome
Out of here like ASAP, watch me step back
into my spacecraft, I blast off

I don't want to ride with you by my side
I have spaceman syndrome

it's systematic, intergalactic
Spaceman syndrome

it's systematic, intergalactic
i don't want to ride